ChemTreat Celebrates 25 Years of No Lost Time Incedents

ChemTreat's Nederland, TX plant recently celebrated 25 years (and counting) with no lost time incidents, which is exceptional in the industry.

"Lost time incidents" is an industry key performance indicator (KPI) that tracks injuries that occur in the workplace. Injuries may equate to time lost and costs accrued due to hospitalization, days away from work, production halts, and more.

Like all Danaher operating companies, ChemTreat's top priority is safety in the workplace, and achieved this milestone with:

  • Safety training for new associates: As part of the onboarding process, new associates go through rigorous training that emphasizes the importance of safety in the workplace.
  • Shared responsibility: We expect everyone, not just safety managers, to follow and enforce safe work practices.
  • Near Miss Report: Near misses are reported by everyone. These reports help identify unsafe behaviors, allowing us to address problems before they escalate into an accident or injury.
  • Leveraging the Danaher Business System: Kaizens, a focus on ergonomics and more help us sustain positive change and avoid incidents on an ongoing basis. Our Problem Solving Process kicks into gear to determine the root cause for near misses. Action plans are created to prevent future incidents.

The Nederland plant celebrated this success with visitors from the ChemTreat's main office. Well done, team!

ChemTreat Team Celebration