Danaher China Addresses Inequalities in China's Education Sector

Early this year, Danaher China partnered with Adream, whose goal is to help children grow up with confidence, poise and dignity.  Adream endeavors to address the inequalities in China’s education sector through its projects and services, collectively known as the “Adream Center” network.

Danaher China raised funds to establish an Adream Center (network of multimedia classrooms) which requires 150,000RMB to support students from Chongqing Dianjiang Chengbei Primary School. In an effort to show support, Danaher China leaders decided to match associate donations resulting in the team raising 300,000RMB!

“Our Shared Purpose—Helping Realize Life’s Potential—represents our commitment to help our customers, our peers and the people around us achieve amazing things and the high standards by which we measure our own success,” said Jason Peng, President, Danaher China and North Asia. “We hope our contribution will aid in Adream’s mission to help the kids forge and embrace a future of possibilities in rural areas and urban inner-cities.”

Adream Center