Nobel Biocare Gives Those Less Fortunate a Reason to Smile

Dr. JoeThroughout 2016, Nobel Biocare together with Brighter Way and LIVE Mehranfar Mentorship Training, held several revolutionary training courses each aimed at instilling the confidence needed for a doctor to surgically place implants.

The truly unique aspect of the course is the patients themselves. With the support of Brighter Way, a non-profit organization that treats homeless people by way of medical, dental, food, housing and rehabilitation, more than 60 homeless veterans were treated throughout the three courses held in 2016. The patients were selected based on the need and scale of dental work required.

These trainings are the embodiment of our Shared Purpose “Helping Realize Life’s Potential.” Everything that we do as an organization is intended to help more customers to treat more patients better – and realize their life’s potential. By providing these trainings, Nobel Biocare is able to provide dental care to those who would otherwise not receive it. While only one piece of the jigsaw in the effort to restore the patient’s quality of life, we are certain that a restoring their smile makes a big difference.

“When I had the opportunity to meet with the Director of Brighter Way and Dr. Joe Mehranfar to see the vision of combined education and treating patients for a good cause, I was more than happy to help structure this,” said Dereck Fandel, Nobel Biocare Regional Sales Manager. “Through the combined efforts of my team, Nobel Biocare's management and education department, we were able to make this happen. I am delighted that we have been able to help those less fortunate with our products and solutions and once again give them a reason to smile!” 

Furthermore, the unique blend of mentorship and live patients has given many clinicians the confidence and skills needed to go back to their practice and place implants. By utilizing live patients, the training takes a unique approach to education and ultimately gives participants the confidence to diagnose, plan a treatment, and place implants on live patients. The live patient element, patient-care, and step by step mentoring from start to finish really provides the doctors with the confidence they need to place implants. As opposed to traditional trainings that are largely theory based or at best practiced on a cadaver or pig jaw, this course allows attendees to apply their learnings on real patients. The two-day courses gave every participant the opportunity to place roughly 15 implants and then further assist on another 15 implants being placed by their clinical partner. In total they were able to see 30+ implants being placed over the two-days. It gives him/her the ability to go back to their private practice and start treating patients more predictably and safely right away.

“Dr. Joe’s Hands-On Implant course at Bright Way exceeded my expectation,” says Miran Ho, MS, DDS, Mesa Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics. “The facility, patients, support from Noble Biocare, and my partner were amazing. Dr. Phung and I placed more than 20 single and multiple implants on various patients and situations over two days. Dr. Joe was a great instructor, and his expertise and experiences helped me to understand the importance of a case selection and preparation of each case. I learned not only to place implants but also to prepare the site to be ideal for future surgery.”

Together with Brighter Way and LIVE Mehranfar Mentorship Training, Nobel Biocare has changed the lives of more than 60 individuals that needed their help and with six courses planned for 2017 it is certain that many more will be treated and more clinicians trained.

Special thanks goes to Forrest Cottrell, Director of Training & Education, and his team, whose support and fantastic efforts make these courses a reality. Furthermore, thanks must be given to Steven Robbins, Territory Manager, and David Thomas, Territory Representative who not only helped organize the trainings but were continuously on-site providing guidance and mentorship.