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Leading the Way in the Golden Age of Biology

October 9, 2023
Scientist in a laboratory

We are a leading global life sciences and diagnostics innovator, helping to solve many of the most important health challenges impacting patients around the world. Focused on scientific excellence, innovation and sustainability, Danaher partners closely with healthcare customers to make life better for billions of people.

Today, science and technology are evolving more rapidly than ever. Breakthrough achievements like the Human Genome Project and subsequent two decades of research have revolutionized our understanding of the human body at the molecular level. 

A range of technological advancements is empowering healthcare providers to diagnose illness earlier and with greater precision. Complex research and development (R&D) and manufacturing processes are being reimagined with speed, scale, simplicity and sustainability at the forefront. We are in a golden age of biology: a time of hope and discovery, poised to yield medical breakthroughs and save lives in ways that are, as of yet, unknown. 

While scientific discovery today outpaces the ability to translate these breakthroughs into life-changing widely used medical advances, at Danaher, we are working to make this a reality. 

Achieving this requires solving a host of unique challenges by combining expertise across all scientific disciplines and partners from industry, academia and the public sector. It is essential that everyone involved in improving health thinks differently about how technologies can be leveraged in creative new ways to build comprehensive solutions that are built for the real world.  

As a leading global life sciences and diagnostics innovator, Danaher is committed to accelerating the power of science and technology to help improve human health. We work with our customers across the healthcare ecosystem to enable faster and more accurate diagnoses, and to help reduce the time and cost needed to discover, develop and deliver life-changing therapies to patients. 

Our businesses partner closely with customers to help accelerate and standardize R&D and biomanufacturing. We provide flexible, end-to-end, fully automated and integrated processes that can be scaled up or down as required. We are enabling healthcare providers to diagnose diseases with unprecedented speed and precision, so they can deliver the right therapies to the right patients at the right time. We support leading scientists across gene and cell therapy, molecular oncology and many other disciplines with the technologies and tools needed to develop treatments rooted in precision medicine. 

Driven by our culture of continuous improvement and the aim to improve quality of life for billions of people today, we are accelerating innovation and solving our customers’ most complex challenges while setting the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow.

At Danaher, we are committed to ‘Innovation at the Speed of Life,’ and accelerating the power of science and technology to improve human health. 

Around the world, Danaher is leveraging science and technology to profoundly improve human health. 

  • Our biotechnology businesses support more than 90% of the global production volume of approved monoclonal antibodies.
  • Over 1 million diagnostic tests per hour are performed on Beckman Coulter Diagnostics instruments around the world.
  • Danaher diagnostics companies enable more than 1.5 million cancer diagnoses every week.
  • 75% of companies that received FDA approvals for cell and gene therapy drugs in 2022 relied on Danaher genomic medicines companies.