Code of Conduct

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards — because we want to achieve growth we can be proud of.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets expectations for the behavior of all Danaher and Operating Company associates, requiring the highest level of integrity and compliance with all applicable laws and policies. It guides our associates through company policies and includes answers to integrity and compliance questions that might arise when conducting business around the world. 

For additional questions not answered within the Code of Conduct, you can visit our Integrity and Compliance page or refer to resources outlined within our Code of Conduct.


Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to compliance, ethics, integrity, and our sustainability values. Although laws, customs, and acceptable practices may differ around the world, shared values are the cornerstone of strong supplier relationships. 

Given Danaher's presence in the U.S. and its listing of common stock in the U.S., Danaher and its supply chain partners are also subject to certain U.S. legal standards. Each of these are outlined in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Channel Partner Code of Conduct

We require all channel partners to uphold the same commitment to integrity that we require of ourselves. This includes all business partners, joint venture partners, agents, contractors, distributors, consultants, and any other third-party representatives that act on behalf of Danaher.

Our Channel Partner Code of Conduct provides our channel partners with guidance on our ethics and compliance standards and aligns with the Danaher Code of Conduct, which applies to our associates. In cases where applicable laws and regulations are more restrictive, we expect them to adhere to those as well. 

Download the pdf to find guidance related to areas including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, data privacy, competition, and import and export controls.

Ensuring integrity and compliance

See how Integrity and Compliance are integrated into how we work at Danaher and how our Code of Conduct comes to life through our action.